Celebration Cakes Ministry

Celebration Cakes is devoted to showing God's love to children one cake at a time.  When families are severely stressed financially, sometimes they are forced to choose between providing their child either a birthday gift or a birthday cake.  Sometimes, they aren't able to do anything at all.  Through Celebration Cakes, we want to ensure that every child knows that someone cares for them by giving them one of our Celebration Cakes!

Celebration Cakes is a blessing to everyone involved - from the children and their families to all of us who get to help children feel loved!
  • Vision - Making children feel special and blessed on their birthday. Bringing joy to children one birthday at a time.
  • Mission - Our goal is to convey Christ's blessings and compassion to children and their families by showing each individual that someone cares about them by giving them one of our Celebration Cakes.
  • Core Values - (1) Small Gestures, done in Christ's name, make a big difference; (2) A commitment to our community showing responsibility and contributions to our neighbors and fellow Christians; (3) Acting with honesty and integrity; (4) Possessing creativity and inspiring others to foster positive social interactions.

There's a way for you to serve with Celebration Cakes!  Contact Lisa Ray in the church office today!