Senior Adult Fellowship

Please note that our Senior Adult Fellowship is not currently meeting due to COVID-19.

The Senior Adult Fellowship is a ministry to Senior Adults (ages 50 and up).  We meet the fourth Thursday of every month for a program that includes a great pot-luck meal, wonderful speakers / musicians, and priceless fellowship!

The purpose of the Senior Adult Fellowship is to maintain the cohesiveness of the church family through Christian Fellowship, reinforce the value of each individual to God and to the church family through Christian Encouragement, build positive and fulfilling relationships through Christian Friendship, and provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support through Christian Compassion.  

For more information, please contact Pastor David Tooley in the church office.

SAF Activities

Please note that our Senior Adult Fellowship is not currently meeting due to COVID-19.

Breakfast Club

Early risers meet for breakfast at Teresa's Restaurant at 8:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month.  The private dining room is reserved for the group.  It is a time of fellowship and fun.

We Care Ministry

A group of volunteer callers contact church members who have requested a daily call to check on their welfare.

Seniors on the Go

Trips are planned to various activities of interest to SAF members.  Outings include theatre, Senior Adult conferences, and various attractions.

Senior Adult Opportunities

SAF members are encouraged to participate in all Senior Adult and other activities of First Baptist Church, the Warren Association of Baptists, and the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  

Senior Adult Day

First Baptist Church joins churches throughout the Southern Baptist Convention in planning and implementing a Senior Adult Day.  The days provides encouragement, fellowship, and recognition to all Senior Adults.